Cape Gardens New Identity

Cape Gardens New Logo Teal
A year of change!

So far 2019 has been a year of change for Cape Gardens. One such major change has been an ongoing project to re-brand and modernise the digital presence of the company, in particular the company logo and website. We felt that despite serving us well for almost two decades, our logo felt dated and the original website failed to represent the quality and breadth of landscaping work we complete as a business.

We worked closely with local marketing and design company Five & Co to carve out a new identity for ourselves. The new logo is not radically different from our longstanding king protea, rather it is a stylised evolution of the original with a new feeling to it that evokes a sense of regality.  The new website is a reflection of our work across the four main areas of our business – landscape design, construction, maintenance and design consultancy. We’ve made it easier to understand the focus of our services, the primary locations we work in and the type of clientele we work with.

We’re very proud of our business and our clients, and now we are equally proud of our new website and identity. We feel confident it will open up new doors for us and put us in good stead to maintain our reputation for Algarve landscaping mastery, and to secure future landscaping and maintenance projects in the golden triangle and beyond.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it too and we’d love to know what you think! Feel free to send us a message with any thoughts or feedback, we enjoy hearing from our visitors.