"The combined experience of over a century in Algarve garden construction”


We provide full service landscape and garden construction to private villa and condominium clients based in the Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo area and beyond. We ensure a smooth operation from day one. By taking advantage of our network of local partners and suppliers we are able to reduce costs and speed up project delivery time.

Lawns & Beds

The lawn can be rolled turf or seeded. Planting styles vary from mediterranean dry gardens to lush leafy planting. The maturity of the planting including specimen plants are available to suit the clients budget and desired finish.

Planting & Trees

The value of trees is immense, from flowering, providing screening, shade, adding height to the garden design, and not least the environmental aspect of regulating our climate.

Walls & Steps

Changes in levels can be accommodated to create a feature using walls and steps. Walls play an integral part in creating a gardens' shape, whether they be retaining walls, terraces, or boundary walls.

Levelling & Rockeries

Rockeries are an attractive and informal alternative to stone clad and concrete walls when creating a terraced garden. Leveling is often an essential first step in any garden project.

Patios & Pergolas

Like stone, wood is another valuable material used in the garden. Features such as planters, pergolas, gazebos, trellis and decking can all be made to a variety of finishes and styles in keeping with the overall garden design.


The addition of garden lights can be minimal and purely functional such as simply lighting a pathway. Or can be used to bring out the atmosphere of your garden at night, by spotlighting specimen plants, or structures such as water features.

Pools & Water Features

Water features add an important sensory element bringing cool sensations of movement, sound and reflection. Whether formal or informal, rustic, classic or contemporary, simple or intricate, there is always a place for water.

Irrigation & Drainage

These systems are designed in accordance with the planting scheme and lawn layout. Professional pumps, sprinkler heads, electronic valves and automated computer systems are used to accurately deliver water, when and where it's needed.
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